Brief Biography of ADOLPHUS A WARD
Adolphus was born one February morning 1935 in Colt, Arkansas.  His mother's maiden name is Bessie Mildred Hightower; his father's name is McCartey Ward.  Two month following his birth, in his mother's arms, he was on a train bound for Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he spent the formative years of his life.   He experienced a debilitating kidney disease between the ages of seven and ten.  He survived and continues to maintain good health. 
For reasons he still finds impossible to completely understand, his interest in attending school waned – he finally stopped going at the tenth grade.  His interest in education was revived soon after he began his service in the US Marine Corps, February 1953.  Adolphus' leadership ability was uncovered while in basic training.  He was thrust into positions leading others and challenged to perform.  He earned a GED and was eventually promoted to the rank of Sgt. and chief of an artillery section.  After more than four years of military service he continued his pursuit for learning and in 1975 earned a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.      
Adolphus has married twice, and twice divorced – with step and natural children only by his first wife,.  He has held staff positions in government, business, industry, and education. He is single and resides in Reseda, California. 
In 1984 Adolphus left a management position in the auto industry after twice being passed over for promotion.  He stopped waiting for someone else to provide opportunities and decided to create them for himself.  Adolphus chose to become a professional fiction writer and actor.  He is now an independent writer and has written and published three novels – "Harvest The Dust,"  "Milk The Iron Cow," and "Stand Upside Down."  The books can be purchased in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.  He has also completed written works for stage and screen.  He continues to write and perform, amassing notable credits on screen and stage.  Retired now, he devotes most of his time to what he loves doing: Writing and Acting.

For me the past confirms and now and predicts the future.